Our Mission

Bayly Art is focused on creating modern furnishings that enriches and excites our lives and their dwellings. It’s our mission to design and craft functional, comfortable furnishings that make a modern statement. The quality and durability of Bayly Art makes our product versatile enough for interior and exterior spaces. Whether choosing from our hand-crafted collection, or working closely with us on a custom design, our goal is to facilitate the best design for residential and commercial needs.

Mike Bayly

Michael grew up in San Luis Obispo, son of a local manufacturing business owner. He spent most of his childhood and early professional life working in the factory. Products and product development was the name of the game but his passion was creating artistic projects. From his hand painted 10 speed bike to multi-story forts in the backyard (equipped with carpet) he has always customized his possessions. By the age of 18 he found that by combining welding with his love of art, his work quickly turned into furniture making.

By his early 20’s his skill set landed him a full time position CAD drawing for a manufacturing company and welding large structures. After hours, he kept the pulse of Bayly Art custom home furnishing strong. The extensive hours spent drafting computer designs and structural fabrication helped him grow his confidence and experience to follow his passion as a furniture maker. Four years ago, with the emotional support of his wife Danyelle and three boys, he fulfilled his dream as a full time furniture maker. Today as it stands, business is better than ever and it seems that Michael’s artistic talent continues to expand with each project he takes on.

He follows a personal philosophy to never give up, always say yes, and when you have been beat down, to get up and keep trying. The dedication to his philosophy is what gives way to the quality you see in his product today. With 15 years of factory, fabrication, product development and computer design, confidently in his tool belt, it is no surprise that Bayly Art demonstrates his love for the craft and his dedication to producing the highest quality goods.

Mike Bayly


Personal design. Computer precision. Hand made.

Bayly Art design is about incorporating modern geometry into functional shapes while pushing the boundaries of what furniture can look like. We offer a variety of materials to choose from depending on your needs; with a focus on metal and wood working. With pure inspiration and vision, our shop will integrate computer precision renderings with our skilled craftsmanship to create the perfect design.

“No matter the shape, metal can help push visual design further than wood might allow you. But you can’t get away from the natural beauty and warmth that wood provides. Together they produce the aesthetic and foundational strength for the highest quality of furniture.”

– Michael Bayly


Indoor & Outdoor

All powder coated pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. When it comes to your warm wooden seat, or a dining table that carries the wear and tear of family memories, we use various hardwoods and the highest quality finishes.

Residential and Commercial Grade

A variety of materials and product options are available to fit any space. For those with high traffic settings, we offer commercial grade designs and products.


Bayly Art products are fabricated and shaped by hand. This process allows us to insure the quality and personality of each piece.


Built and sourced locally in San Luis Obispo, California. We support local businesses, as well as, work closely with other local makers.